Sunday, November 09, 2008

Article Round-Up

Of course the news media was all over the election while the campaign was going on, and they're still all over the post-election happenings and postmortems. Here's some highlights of what I've been seeing:
From TIME magazine, an article speculating on how far Sarah Palin will go, some of the challenges she now faces in Alaska, and what it would take for her to get to national office.
Bob Greene has an article on's Political Ticker on the four different transitions that Obama, his supporters, and the country now have to go through. Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi and others, delighted with their fresh mandate and increased majority, asked Obama to govern from the center as he starts his administration.
Less noticed on Tuesday was that the controversial Proposition 8 in California was voted down. Prop 8 allowed California voters to make the choice on whether they wanted gay marriage legalized in their state; their choice means that gay marriage is no longer allowed there. Naturally, supporters of gay marriage are extremely upset and have been protesting in the streets since Prop 8 was passed.
Finally- this is a not-to-be missed article from the Washington Post on November 7 about Eugene Allen, a former butler at the White House-- "A Butler Well Served by This Election."

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