Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Benefits of Spontaneity

If there is one thing I have learned in college, it's the immense rewards of opening yourself up to spontaneity. Sure, you COULD try to plan your life out down to the details. Sure, you can (and should) organize your time enough to stay on top of your work and other commitments. But I would contend that sticking too closely to that philosophy is a recipe for missing out on the best that college has to offer. The most fun times are often the completely random ones. The late-night conversations in the lounge that last for hours...even though you only came in to make a cup of tea. The quick chat with a friend after class that turns into an hour-long lunch. The fire drill that turns into an excursion off-campus for milkshakes with a couple of friends. The people around you and the time you spend with them are the stuff college is really made of. Maybe we can't afford to do it ALL the time...but why not try seizing those opportunities for fellowship as they come along? You may find you remember that conversation with a friend long after your classes are done.

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