Friday, January 01, 2010

The First Post

It's a new year, and a new decade. Ten years ago, we all thought the world (or at least the technological side of it) were going to end with the Y2K issues...of which there were pretty much none. Last year, I had two surgeries, witnessed a presidential inauguration, read over fifty books for pleasure (not school), and wrote my record number of 188 blog posts. Now we're here in 2010, looking ahead. For me, the decade upcoming is one in which I will (next year) graduate from college and join the work world for sure...and in which many more things are possibilities.

Well, opening up my Google Reader this morning, as per usual I've picked out a few good articles. President Obama celebrated his New Year's Eve by hanging out with his family, going to see Avatar, and getting a lot of security reviews about the Christmas Day bombing attempt. Always fun to be the prez...especially when politicos start critiquing his governing style versus his campaign style, as they did in the "Top 10 Obama White House Surprises."

I have been increasingly impressed by David Brooks over the last year. As I've read his columns, I've grown more and more impressed by his articulate centrist positions, and his ability to analyze issues in a rational manner. Today's column is no exception, as he looks at how badly people have reacted to the Christmas Day bombing attempt by blaming the system. All systems created and maintained by human beings will at some point fail, which is a fact we need to deal with in a mature manner, rather than by playing a ridiculous blame game. Do make sure you read David Brooks's column for today, "The God That Fails."

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