Friday, April 08, 2005

Softball, travel, and other things

Okay, so it's been a really long time, but I'm least for now! I imagine that now I will be posting very sporadically until life calms down.
So what's been happening?
Well, to start off with, I've been managing softball for my school's team. I posted about it a while ago. We were just able to move outside this week, and we have been practicing intensely for our first game, which is Monday. Can't wait- I think we'll do okay, in spite of this being a historically superior team to us. I'll try to tell you the results later.
Aside from that, I'm now in two leadership-type positions. The first is that I'm leading a small discussion group for Spiritual Emphasis Week next week. Basically I just have to coordinate discussions. Not too bad...except that two girls in my group don't get along that well, as a result of a boy.........'Nough said. The other is that I am one of the leaders of an "advertising agency" for a Lit project. We have to persuade a "manufacturer"- the teacher- that our agency should get the job advertising Aqua Clara, a water. My group, up to yesterday, was not doing well, but today things started to get better....which is very, very good.
Two of my best friends' birthdays are next week so I got them a couple of birthday presents via my mom. Cathy is turning 16 on Monday, and Erik is turning 17 on Thursday. Happy Birthday to you two! Thanks for being such awesome friends!
And now for the biggest news of all. You knew, I think, that I was going to Paris and Madrid over April vacation (getting very close....) and to Italy in May? Well, now I am going to Washington, D.C. in June--all expenses paid! There is a Congressional seminar in Washington called, appropriately, the Washington Workshops. It's very expensive, but the Colonial Dames of America offer a full scholarship to a group of winners of an essay contest. My history teacher asked me to do it, I wrote the essay, and I won! It was SO COOL!!!!!
My friend Bob is off playing ice hockey in Sweden...hope he's doing well...
The class officers (of which I am one) are selling smoothies next week during SAT's.
So yeah, I think that's all the news here...hopefully I'll get on again soon...but in the meantime....
Be well, do good works, and keep in touch.

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