Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thought du Jour: Homecoming Week vol. 3

THURSDAY: Decades Day! Each class dressed up as if they were from a different decade. My class got the 1970s. Soo...we all dug out our fringe hippie stuff from our parents' seventies days, got really gigantic wigs, and kicked back and had fun. Between classes, they played oldies music over the intercom, like James Taylor's Fire and Rain, and Michael Jackson's Thriller. The other classes were the 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s. They had some pretty incredible costumes. Lots of bright colors and poodle skirts around school today. Even though I wasn't dressed up in my Canadian gear, I was still getting teased gently about being Canadian. Especially the guys at GSC practice. :-) It's great, they're awesome. We have a lot of fun.

I won't be at school tomorrow for SuperHero Day/Clash Day, or at the homecoming dance on Saturday, but I'll post notes about those as soon as I hear about them from my friends!

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