Friday, December 31, 2004

New Years' Thoughts

Well, here it is. New Year's Eve. 2005 is about six and a half hours away.
2004 was a good year. Made new friends and got closer to the old ones. Laughed (too many times to even consider counting). Cried (just enough to keep me human). Read. Wrote. Grew- in faith, in character, in height (I have now reached the very respectable height of 5'10").
There were highs and lows. I look back at the highs and smile fondly. They are many. Our Town. Granite State Challenge. Travelling over the summer. Angels, Inc. I look back on the lows (although not too often- I try not to look back on them because it counts for nothing in the future). They made me stronger and enriched my character, and for that I am grateful.
Am I going to make a New Year's resolution? Not really. I never intentionally keep them. So all I pray is that I will continue to grow in faith, in character- but maybe not in height. I pray that my friendships will continue to grow and mature, and never fail. I pray that, as Bob Marley said, the power of love will overcome the love of power, and that then the world will know peace. Wars have been going on for too long.
I also pray that you- yes, you, the person reading this blog- will grow. If you don't know Christ, I pray that He will lead you close to Him. Faith is the greatest joy and peace any person could ever know. I pray that you will be a person of great character in your dealings with other people and when you are alone, too. Learn kindness, patience, goodness, loyalty, honesty, self control. Learn to love, above all. World peace won't happen if the people of the world are not at peace in their day-to-day relationships.
This is getting a bit philosophical. I'll leave off before I start contradicting myself and rambling. God bless you, and have a peaceful and prosperous New Year.


Tina said...

OMG! You can delete this post because it will contain your whereabouts, but I just wanted to say.... OMG!! You're from New Hampshire! :) You must, must, must tell me where... Because I'm from Berlin, NH. (Yah, way up worth.) Granite State Challenge is the shit! I was supposed to go to that, but the class before us had done so poorly and embarrassed the school by laughing (yes, laughing) at the fact that they were doing so poorly. So, I was told that if we were going, I would have gone... Nice. Nothing like being punished for someone else's bullshit. LOL... But glad to see that we hail from the same Granite State. ;)

Christie Mae said...

Embrace being tall! It gives you advantages. Well, I'm short. But my two best friends are both 5'10" and now you qualify to be a model. And I bet your are great at basketball. In fact she was so good that she went to Turkey on a missions trip playing basketball.

Happy New Year!