Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nananana BATMAN!

Saw the new Batman movie yesterday, The Dark Knight. And it was everything the hype made it out to be, and then some. It was the most incredible look at anarchic criminals (Heath Ledger in what may well be a posthumous Oscar-worthy role as the Joker), the face of hope and justice turned otherwise by personal tragedy (the brilliant Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent), and heroism that will do whatever necessary to secure hope for a dark city (Christian Bale reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman). Throw in a good plot, insanely awesome special effects, and a fabulous supporting cast of Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), Michael Caine (Alfred), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), and Maggie Gyllenhaal (Rachel Dawes), and you really can't beat this movie.
And guess what? The critics like it too! Novelty. I like this review from the Huffington Post, but there are many other well-done ones too.

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Rachel said...

I saw the 10:20 showing last night (which means it wasn't over 'till 1...) and I was totally blown away. Most intense movie I've ever seen...well, maybe that's overstating a bit, but it was close.