Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Featured Blog: Hollywood- To Have Faith or Not to Have Faith

My friend Bryan is one of the biggest movie buffs I know. He has superb taste and a picky eye for what is good and bad about the film industry. So when I found out that he writes a blog on which he posts reviews of films, most of which he writes for our school's newspaper, I was delighted. Just to give you an idea of his views, here is the subtitle of his blog, which is called Hollywood- To Have Faith or Not To Have Faith:
The question we all must have when watching a movie is rather simple, is it indicative of Hollywood's continued ability to make good, high quality, intelligent and entertaining films or is it merely yet another black mark on an industry that seems to be losing, if not having already lost its creative touch.
Bryan is taking something of a hiatus from posting for the summer, since he has marched off to the Marine Corps' Officer Candidates School, but his older posts about movies are well worth reading for anyone interested in which recent movies are worth watching, in light of whether or not they justify our faith in the movie industry.

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