Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goals: Academic Year '09-'10

I like to use these last few weeks before school begins to settle in my mind what my goals are for the year, and the means I plan to use to accomplish them. Last year, for instance, my goal was basically to get the GPA I needed to get to retain my scholarship at school, and some of the habits I instituted were working more during the day than at night, and not letting myself get tangled in too many commitments. This year, I'm posting my goals here so that I can keep them in front of my eyes, and in a public forum where you can keep me honest.

  1. Boost GPA. I'm now safe in terms of my scholarship, but it's time to aim higher for personal best and future gain. Shoot for 3.6+.
  2. Regain use of right leg. If the surgery I had this summer is to do any good, I must exercise to regain strength and mobility, and thereby a higher quality of life in the long term.
  3. Live frugally and well within my means. I have been gifted with generous scholarships, but must spend money very carefully-- especially while unemployed.
  4. Think about what I want to do next. I am halfway through my college career and it's time to look at the logical next steps for after I graduate.
  1. Maintain a regular, early-ish waking time. Don't waste the day by staying up late and then sleeping for a long time just because I have later classes.
  2. List top three priorities every day. Get them done early so that the rest of the day is free to deal with whatever comes up.
  3. Do not go on the computer before getting up, showered, and dressed in the morning.
  4. Shut down the computer every night.
  5. Work ahead, work ahead, work ahead. Procrastination is the enemy of relaxation, sleep, and solid work.
  6. Use a 30-Day List to limit spending habits. (30 Day List rule is that when you decide there is some nonessential item you want to buy, you write it down on a list with the date you record it, and are not allowed to buy that item for 30 days. If, after that amount of time, you still want it, you can budget it in wherever it works.)

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R said...

Pretty solid goals you got there. I have confidence in your ability to achieve all of them, too. :) If you want a walking/running/biking (though given the state of your knee, I'm not sure if that's a possibility) buddy, let me know.

My goal for the year? USE A PLANNER. It's one that I've attempted since frosh year.

You said you're coming back on the 20th, right? You going to be at s'mores night?