Monday, May 19, 2008

Kentucky and Oregon

Looking ahead to the contests tomorrow in Kentucky and Oregon, it seems possible that, assuming a wide enough margin, Sen. Obama will reach the needed number of delegates to end the primary season and become the presumptive Democratic nominee. Several questions lurk at this stage. First, of course, is: will Obama's margin of victory in Oregon (combined with whatever delegates he can scrape in Kentucky) be enough to put him at the 110 delegates needed to reach 2,025 total? 52 delegates are up for grabs in Oregon, and 60 are available in Kentucky. That's a grand total of 112, not including superdelegates, of which there are 9 in Kentucky and 12 in Oregon. The polls suggest an Obama win in Oregon, with an American Research Group poll putting his lead at 50% to 45%, but other more recent ones making it a more decisive Obama victory. On the other hand, in Kentucky, some of the most recent polls suggest a Clinton victory on the order of West Virginia, with a new SurveyUSA poll clocking in at 62% Clinton to 31% Obama. It seems obvious that the race won't officially (numerically) end tomorrow, but what we really have to wonder is, will the numbers tomorrow convince Hillary Clinton that it is in fact feasible for her to stay in the race? Or will she face the odds, whatever they may be, and back down and get out of the race?
Meanwhile, thoughts turn to the running mate question. Who will be McCain's VP? Who will be the Democratic nominee's (presumably Obama's)? Taegan Goddard of Political Wire notes a few thoughts from potential VPs. More speculation to come...

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