Thursday, May 22, 2008

Politics Today: Joe Lieberman

On May 21, 2008, an op-ed piece by Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut appeared in the Wall Street Journal. It is entitled "Democrats and Our Enemies" and includes criticism of Barack Obama's foreign policy and an endorsement of the policies of John McCain. Sen. Lieberman is, of course, noted for having been one of the few Democrats who continues to support the Iraq War, and though once a Democrat, he was forced (after having lost in the Democratic primaries in Connecticut in 2006) to run as an Independent, which is what he is currently. Anyway, the piece contains some very interesting points about the historical stances of the Democratic party, and since it is causing a bit of a stir, at least among bloggers and pundits, is worth reading. You can read the article here, and, just for a change in the perspective, I would also encourage you to read Steve Benen's response to it over at The Carpetbagger Report.

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