Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Copied from an IM ramble...

I was reading a chapter in the book God's Politics by Jim Wallis at work tonight during my break about peace in the Middle East. In it, Wallis pointed out something very interesting-- that the Israeli-Palestinian violence is not only mutual, but comes perhaps more often and at least equally violently from the Israeli side.
It's funny to think, seeing how we in the West frequently victimize Israel and therefore let it off the hook from virtually anything it does that, if it were done by another country, would be considered an act of state-sponsored terrorism. The fact that we let acts of apartheid happen in Israel and don't say a word except in eternal praise of Israel is really remarkable. They were born out of the ashes of tragedy, but they are not pathetic little victims anymore. They're one of the most powerful states in the world, with one of the most powerful militaries in the world, including their extensive nuclear arms program.
I cannot and do not condone what the Palestinians do to the Israelis, with their acts of violence and terrorism, but I can't deny that they have reason to be bitter. Both sides are being unreasonable and committing unspeakable acts of terror. One side will not let the other side get away with anything without retaliation of an equal or greater degree. How can we really get peace in the Middle East without this philosophy of reciprocity, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, changing? It just can't happen. It's so horrible, what people will do to each other. I have to admit I find it disturbing that the rest of the world is so inclined to give Israel a blank check. They should be held justly accountable just like everyone else.

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