Friday, June 13, 2008

Remembering Tim Russert

I am in mourning.
Tim Russert, the host of NBC's Meet the Press, and the Washington bureau chief for NBC Nightly News, passed away yesterday. He suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed while recording voiceovers for this Sunday's show.
Russert was one of the best journalists in the business. He was the longest-serving host of Meet the Press, and a highly respected moderator and commentator. He had a passion for politics that viewers could detect easily. Russert was also a dedicated father and a dedicated son, authoring two books about fatherhood-- Big Russ and Me and Wisdom of Our Fathers.
All I can say is- the loss of Tim Russert is a loss to civil, intelligent, inquisitive, and fair journalism. His presence on the airwaves will be sorely missed. I will particularly miss his commentary for the rest of this 2008 presidential campaign, because it was always among the best, if not THE best.
Rest in peace, Tim Russert. NBC will never be the same.

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