Monday, June 02, 2008

Tomorrow: South Dakota and Montana

Tomorrow, June 3, will see the last two primaries of the 2008 election cycle: South Dakota and Montana. Polls suggest that Barack Obama will win South Dakota significantly (23 delegates at stake), and that Hillary Clinton will win Montana (24 delegates at stake), though probably not as decisively as she won Puerto Rico this past Sunday. Many expect that Sen. Clinton will drop out tomorrow night, that she has merely stuck it out until the end for symbolic and dignity reasons. As I have said before, mathematically she cannot win this nomination, especially now that so many superdelegates are going to be supporting Barack Obama. She would have to clinch virtually all of the available superdelegates, and that is highly, highly improbable. At this stage, as sad as it is to say, I hope Sen. Clinton does drop out tomorrow night. This cannot drag on to the convention. It's time to get rolling onto the next stage of the election cycle. However, that said, Sen. Clinton may have a very different view on that, and she may continue on. Stay tuned...

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