Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Just a note

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post in the next little while. I'll write on here when I can, but I seem to have mentally hyperextended myself in many, many directions all of a sudden. Everything is hitting me. I have to do violin, keep on top of homework and other classwork, deal with midterms, write an essay for the Colonial Dames of America by the 25th, write a play for Drama class, go to a Quiz Bowl meet, go to snow camp...The list goes on. Some of that is fun, but it just piles up in many ways...
I'm going to go drown my sorrows in Sprite and try to calm down and relax with Vince Guaraldi and my Bible.
Sorry if it sounds like I'm whining. Maybe I am. But hey, we all need a place to complain, right?

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cowandpenguin said...

Man, you hardly ever update then I come back as a mini mini mini break from my homework to ake sure you haven't updated and I spend over 5 minutes reading all your stuff!!! moving on, if this is you whinning then you are the most un-whinny whinny whinning person I have ever met. You're stressed, or overloaded and you just needed someone to tell that to, you are NOT whinning. Whinning is an extension of complaining which invovles lots of repitition and negative comments about how badly your life stinks when there are people in your own country starving and getting beaten to death while you're living in your nice, comfortable, home with constant food supply, not to mention living with heat in the summer and with people who love you and are paying over $6,000 a year to let you go to HIgh School. You are NOT whinning. And my snowman hasn't fallen down for a while... nope, still hasn't.


not whinning...