Thursday, January 06, 2005


They cancelled school today! It was awesome! The hilarious thing was, there wasn't even snow on the ground until about 8:00! But it was a mess by noon, so we would have had to end school early. And dismissal would have been horrendous...
So yeah...I got up around 7:30...watched TV and read for awhile...went to Curves with Mom and got my workout done...went to the library and the bookstore...and then came home and watched the old Doctor Dolittle, with Rex Harrison. Very much fun. The sad thing was, then I had to work on a paper for a while. But I finished, and then I got to read. I'm working on some biographies of Theodore Roosevelt, to help with yet another paper I have to write. Then I came on the computer to write this and talk to friends online. But now I'm going to bed and read some more...Hope your day was pleasant and that your dreams will be!

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