Monday, January 03, 2005

Thought du Jour

Hmm, let's see...what is there to ramble about tonight?
Well, today was my first week back at school after a two-week vacation. And apart from having to get up early and getting homework, it was good to be back. Too much sitting around staring at a computer screen is a bad thing, and I was just getting to that stage. Bad, very bad. It was awesome to see everybody. I have awesome friends at my school, they are the absolute best- but I can really say that about all my friends from everywhere. (I'm sure everyone else would say that about their friends as well.) I hadn't had a chance to go Christmas shopping before vacation, so I bought all the gifts for my friends when I was up in Nova Scotia. I distributed them all today, and I found out that it is a really good pick-me-up for the first day back at school. I got so many smiles after doing that, it made everything worth it. Let's see, I got a lot of Smarties in Canada. Most of my friends like them, so I knew they would appreciate the chocolate- which, of course, they did. In fact, Mandie, Cathy, and Alissa said that it made their day. I got Betsy some Smarties too, but I also found a soccer ball with a little baby angel on top of it. It was perfect for her because she (a) likes angel figurines and (b) loves to play soccer. I got my friend Erik, who is an insanely smart trivia brain, a book called "Now You Know". Just weird facts and stuff like that. It's kind of a funny book, too. Then I got my friend Bob, who is a hockey goalie, a Beanie Baby hockey player, and Aaron, who pretends to be anti-Canadian, a banner that says "Canada" on it. I loved seeing the looks on their faces when they opened their gifts. My friends really know how to be appreciative.
Anyway, I had a pretty good day. We reviewed for a test (ugh) in Honors New Testament, watched a movie in both Early U.S. History and Analyzing Writing, continued learning a new tense in Spanish II, learned about proportions and ratios in Honors Geometry, and talked about the digestive system in Biology. I enjoyed catching up with my friends about their vacations, and I had some nice long chats with a few of them, like Brendan and John. I don't always get to talk to Brendan that much since he's a senior, so it was really nice to talk to him. John was somewhat distraught over getting a C+ on a short story, so I was able to help him understand a little bit why that had happened, and to cheer him up a little bit, maybe. I got an A+ on my Bill of Rights paper in history class, an A+ on my Reader Response paper about Night (by Elie Wiesel) in Lit, and an A+ on my rough draft for my science fair paper in Bio. Gradewise, a very satisfying day.
I came home after school with some major back pain. (I threw my back out on New Year's Eve while picking up my 20 pound cat) So I strapped an ice pack to my back, took an Advil, and laid on the floor for a while, and studied for that NT test. Then I came down and watched a few episodes of Granite State Challenge, which was a very nice way to end the day.
Now it's time for bed, so I'll sign off. Good night, all!

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Christie Mae said...

Sounds like you're going to have a busy spring!