Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carolyn's Thoughts

1) Having a cold seems to make life infinitely worse. I'm fortunate enough to be one of those people who seldom gets sick, but there's just something about spending all day sneezing hard enough to blow your nose off that makes life not so fun. Although I do admit that sometimes sneezing at opportune moments can be really, really funny. Like when you sneeze mid-sentence. And then pick up right where you left off after the obligatory "Bless you" "Thank you" exchange.

2) Having a sunny, warm day seems to make life infinitely better. Especially after two days of pouring rain. It's a nice change to walk around in a t-shirt and jeans, without the need for an umbrella and rain jacket. I might go lie down and bake on the Quad later. Then again, maybe not. It's probably soaked from the last two days, and bed is more comfortable.

3) Those last two statements conflict, so something better happen that makes the day look either good or bad, because if things stay the way they are it'll just be one of those really confusing not-one-or-the-other days.

4) I sometimes think I can communicate better through music and other people's quotes than through actually saying what I think. Most of the stuff I've posted here for the last several months has been either song lyrics or quotes. That's all fine and dandy, but for a blog called Carolyn's Thoughts that's probably not a good thing. Then again, I do often think in song lyrics so that's probably okay. Right?

5) I've been reading a book called Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg. It's the last in a series of political thrillers, sort of religious/apocalyptic political fiction. Really cool, but really really scary at the same time. It's terrifying to think of some of this stuff actually happening. And a lot of it is not out of the question. If you want to read it, start at the beginning with The Last Jihad. The next books in the series are The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll and then Dead Heat.

6) I play altogether too much ukulele, too much solitaire, and spend too much time in my room. And I have very little inclination to change most of those things. It just occurs to me that this is probably not healthy. Oh well.

7) I'm going home in two weeks for the summer. My freshman year of college is almost over. I survived. Wow. More thoughts to come on that one.

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