Saturday, June 27, 2009

Featured Blog: Footprints

On the side of my blog homepage here, I've got a list of my favorite blogs. I realized that the list format doesn't allow me to say much about any of the blogs themselves, so I thought I would start an occasional blog post, talking about each blog and why I enjoy reading them.

The first link I would like to highlight is called Footprints, and it's written by my friend and fellow blogger, Rachel. Rachel is a student like myself, and most of her posts are discussions of the many facets that go into that life. My favorite thing about reading her blog is her perpetual honesty and straightforwardness. She has a unique voice, and a lens on the world that seems geared toward being able to spot the ridiculous as well as the profound-- especially in the people she encounters while working or studying, to whom she often writes "letters". She has a great sense of humor, and might possibly love Canada even more than I do (you can also see that in her other, older blog, which I also link to-- Hey, It's Cold Up Here!). All things told, maybe it's because I'm a student myself, but I really appreciate Rachel's outlook on life as presented on her blog, and it's definitely worth keeping up with.

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