Monday, June 29, 2009

Featured Blog: Zen Habits

For those who are inclined to resist the high-stress world in which we live (either in theory or in practice), Zen Habits is a great blog to keep up with. The author, Leo Babauta, is a writer living in Guam, who shares his experiences with living a simple-- but productive-- life through his blog as well as his books. I've found some of his suggestions very useful, such as "How to Make Gmail Your Ultimate Productivity Center." His lists of ideas range from the practical and hands-on to the idea and philosophy-based, but all are geared toward helping those of us in this high-intensity high-technology always-on-the-go world, detach a bit and focus on the important things. Zen Habits is a TIME Top 100 blog, and it deserves the title for helping the rest of us find peace and productivity in our day-to-day lives...even if we can't all live on Guam.

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