Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am my Facebook quiz results.

If that is true, than (to put together my favorite results that I think are most accurate) I am:

-Dr. Gamble (favorite high school history teacher)
-Linus (from Peanuts)
the Chief of Staff (White House Cabinet Position)
-President Bartlet (from The West Wing)
-supposed to be living in South Dakota
-a very old soul

So, let's see...that leaves me as a chief of staff who becomes president who retires to become a high school history teacher (or maybe history teacher first who becomes chief of staff who becomes president), in South Dakota, while carrying around a blanket and being very wise. Got it? That makes one of us. Although, I gotta admit, that would not be a bad future to have. Actually it'd be kind of awesome. Too bad it's unlikely to happen. I could be a history teacher, yes, and I could theoretically become WH Chief of Staff...but there's a tiny constitutional obstacle to me becoming president (see Article II, Section 1). Ah well...haha.

Oh, Facebook...the website that is currently connecting the world, age fake-you're-13 and up, giving us the means to define ourselves and confirming those relationships which we knew to be true. You know it's not official until it's Facebook official.

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