Monday, June 08, 2009

Random Babbling

At the start of the summer, I mentally committed myself to adding certain "disciplines" of a sort to my life on a daily or almost daily basis. Continuing the daily journaling I started back before Lent; reading; walking; blogging. It's been good in that these certain commitments add a routine to most of my days, gives me something to do on a regular and around the various appointments and hanging out with friends. Seeing various doctors and physical therapists has definitely become a regular part of my summer routine as I respond to several months of sinus problems and knee pain. I'm already facing surgery for the former; my gut tells me I'm probably headed for surgery to correct the latter problem as well. Between the two, once they get done, I'm probably "grounded" for the remainder of the summer from work or travel, for the most part. Blah...unappealing thought, even though I do like being around home. And I will get a lot of reading done, that's for sure...maybe even see all the movies on my summer list. By the way, I really enjoyed the pilot episode of the new show "Glee," which the video below is taken from. I watched it on Hulu (one of my top greatest Internet developments to date) and am looking forward to watching the show when it returns to TV this fall.

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