Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's the Buzz?

Of course, the main media buzz right now is about the death of Michael Jackson. Granted that I enjoyed the man's music (and thought very little of him as a person), I think that that we need to now set that aside. I realize that it spiked cable news ratings (not to mention Internet traffic), but can we please move on? Not to be tasteless, but he is dead, not doing a remake of "Thriller."
The latest gossip that's sweeping the political nation is discussion of the fall of South Carolina's Republican Governor Mark Sanford. Gossip probably isn't the right word, seeing as Governor Sanford's affair with a woman in Argentina has already been confirmed by the governor himself, but it's another major topic of discussion. Just another in a list of "falls" by top GOP leaders, continuing to make the 2012 field look smaller and smaller. Maureen Dowd, in her column for the New York Times, today gave her comparison of the two apparent sides of Governor Sanford's personality-- "Mark" and "Marco." She notes with obvious disgust his attempts to make himself into a "King David" figure, and encourages the GOP to stop being two-faced on issues of morality. From a political perspective, the Detroit Free Press has an article up about who the Republicans have lost and who they have left as potentially viable candidates for, but remember that there is still time left for things to turn around.

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