Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Christian Cowboy (2)

At my church, my parents and I lead a special Chapel Time for the younger children. One of the songs we sing is called "Christian Cowboy". It's a fun song, especially because wherever it says "cowboy" or "boy" all the girls yell out "cowGIRL" or "GIRL". :-)
Anyway, I really like the lyrics, so I'll put them up here in their original form.

Christian Cowboy

I'm just a little fellow but I always liked to be
A cowboy sitting close to the man from Galilee.
I wanna have a round-up and the Gospel story tell
And get a lot of people in the Holy Ghost corral.

I'll be a cowboy, a Christian cowboy,
I'll work for Jesus all my days.
And on the prairie or in the city
I'll help him round up all the strays.

I haven't got much talent and I ain't too smart, you see.
But I can still love Jesus and he can still love me.
I find that all I wanna do is satisfy my boss
And be the bestest Christian boy that ever rode a horse.

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