Saturday, February 19, 2005

Quiz Bowl

Had a Quiz Bowl meet again today in Tilton....I know, I don't think I've posted about them before, but there have been two before this one.
Anyway, Quiz Bowl is a trivia competition in which students travel to a school in a host region of the state and compete in a Round Robin tournament. Ten games of ten minutes each. Only a school from that region can actually win the tournament, but the other schools compete for one of three at-large (or wild card) spots in the state tournament. At the moment, my school is in a position to get the second of those three wild card spots- which is very exciting! It's a great time to spend together.
The guys (and the other girl) on the team are the best. They are some of the nicest and smartest people that our school has. Most of them were on Granite State Challenge as well, but some other people joined that weren't a part of GSC. It's a special relationship and a strong friendship that has developed between most of us...and, of course, continues to develop.
I think some of the lines in the song "Welcome" by Phil Collins best describe our relationship and the time we spend together in Quiz Bowl:

"There’s nothing complicated about the way we live. We’re all here for each other, happy to give. Proud of who we are..."
"All we have, we share, and all of us, we care."
"Welcome to our family time... We’re happy giving and taking. To the friends we’re making- there’s nothing we won’t do...Welcome to our happy-to-be time. This is our festival, you know, and best of all, we’re here to share it all."
"There’s a bond between us nobody can explain. It’s a celebration of life and seeing friends again. I’d be there for you- I know you’d be there for me too."
"Telling stories and laughing with friends- precious moments you never forget."
"When I think how far I’ve come, I can’t believe it…and yet I see it. In them I see family..."

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