Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Do We Need to Know..." from Danny Sims

From The Danny Sims Blog- his response when one of his student would ask him if they had to know a certain thing for the test.

"The test will actually be a survey of what you know. So to suggest that there is any one piece of knowledge that you need to know, more than any other tidbit of knowledge is, for the test itself, rather pointless. There is actually nothing you need to know for the test. Your knowledge is for you, for your life, for your matriculation and maturation through college and points beyond. So don't look at this as knowledge you need to know for this or any other test. The test will simply provide you an opportunity to express your knowledge as a student and for me to assess what you do (or do not) know as your instructor. You do not have to know anything, at any time, especially for this or any test."

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