Friday, May 08, 2009


The American University United Methodist-Protestant Community decided to make this very powerful reconciling statement the cornerstone of our community life two years ago. Its words speak volumes to the revolutionary nature of Jesus's love and what that can mean for the actions the Church is meant to take, if we are open of heart and mind.

The Reconciling Statement of the American University United Methodist-Protestant Community:

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we, the American University United Methodist Protestant Community and the United Methodist Student Association, covenant to reconcile ourselves with God and all creation. We believe St. Peter's statement that "God shows no partiality" (Acts 10:34). For this reason, we affirm God's call to love our neighbor as ourselves by welcoming and accepting all people into our community.

As a community, we believe in a spiritual formation recognizing that each person has their own faith journey that has brought them in different directions and will continue to shape who they are. Because of this, we accept people as they are and support the spiritual development of all.

We commit to actively inviting people into ministry and affirming everyone's call as beloved children made in God's image. As a community committed to inclusive evangelism, we commit to challenging all boundaries that veil and deny this love to marginalized people.

We are a community of love and grace open to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, race and ethnicities, differing abilities, diverse economic levels, and personal background, whether they be students, faculty, staff, community members, or visitors. We welcome all people and commit to be a community in which differences, whether in theology, ideology, political affiliation, academic interests, or ministerial gifts and spiritual callings, can peacefully co-exist through God's love.

We covenant to ministering with all people on this campus and in the community, especially those who feel shut out from the spiritual life of the Church. As an ecumenical and interfaith community, the United Methodist Protestant Community and the United Methodist Student Association will work to reflect the full diversity of God's image in all that we do. We will be committed to forming connections with the GLBTA Resource Center, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Interfaith Council, and other clubs, organizations, offices, and people on this campus.

We will continue to reflect individually and as a group on the nature of our reconciling community. We will then turn our reflections into action to create an open, loving space, mindful of how words and actions might exclude others from our fellowship; we will share this inclusive message beyond our community as well. This community intends to empower people to be reconciling with knowledge and skills, to be a resource for our campus and others, to celebrate our reconciling status with a "reconciling worship service" each semester, and to intentionally focus on our community's need to continue an open dialogue on reconciling issues.

We commit to all this and more for the glory of God, because as Christians, God calls us to love one another, as Jesus first loved us.

Adopted May 6, 2007.

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