Friday, May 15, 2009

Movie #4: Ocean's Twelve

The first sequel to one of my favorite movies, Ocean's Twelve picks up roughly where Ocean's Eleven left off. The gang is being pursued by Terry Benedict, the casino owner that they robbed in the previous movie, who *somehow* has located all the members of the group, and told that they have two weeks to pay him back with interest...or they're dead. Desperate to stay alive, they all regroup to come up with a way to pay off Benedict. The results are more complex and nuanced than they could possibly have imagined.

Ocean's Twelve
is a pretty okay movie. I don't happen to think that it's anywhere near the quality of the first one-- not as much snappy dialogue, borderline overly complex and sometimes too emotional plot-- but the twists and turns are always fun to try to keep up with. Still gotta love George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and there are definitely some very clever moments, particularly involving Tess (Danny Ocean's wife).

I watched this movie with my family, and my dad hit the nail on the head: for at least parts of the movie, Ocean's Twelve is spoofing both itself and Ocean's Eleven. It's clever and fun, but after a certain point, I'd really rather just watch a really good heist movie.

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