Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie #2: Richie Rich

This is of course NOT the first time I've watched this 1994 Donald Petrie film starring Macaulay Culkin. This is what you might call a nostalgic favorite of mine that I decided to come back and watch just for kicks. Not especially intellectually stimulating, Richie Rich is still an enjoyable film, even years later when I am not in the age range that the film was geared toward.

The film doesn't exactly have what you'd call an original plot. It's basically about (obviously) Richie Rich, the world's richest kid (played by Culkin) whose father, Richard Rich (played by Edward Herrmann), owns a $70 billion multinational corporation. A greedy member of the board (John Larroquette) schemes to get rid of the Riches so that he can be the richest man in the world, but is foiled when Richie proves to be not on the plane with his parents when it explodes.

As far as a message is concerned, kind of just makes you want to yell, "TOO SUBTLE!" The message is this: Money isn't what matters-- friends and family are the real treasure in life. The dialogue in the movie ensures we don't miss this point, with lines such as, "Now our son really IS the richest kid in the world-- he has friends," and the scene inside the Rich Family Vault, which contains various mementos like bowling trophies and baby shoes instead of money. When the villain starts to rant and rave about the lack of money, Richard Rich says, "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Lawrence, but that's not what we treasure."

Regardless, I have to admit, I still enjoy this movie...and I think the reason is the butler, Cadbury, who is so uptight he's hysterical, and the scenes in and around the Rich Family Mansion. Because really, what kid DOESN'T want their own roller coaster? Richie Rich is still a fun movie to watch for a nostalgic chuckle, even if the movie's quality doesn't really hold up.

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