Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday 5/17 Reading List

Here's today's round-up of interesting articles:
  • The Washington Post has an analysis today of President Obama's governing style as one that is willing to disappoint his allies as well as his opponents.
  • Tomorrow President Obama will be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The WaPo is forecasting a lower-key meeting, despite the enormous potential for conflict between the two leaders.
  • On the upcoming Supreme Court nomination: Conservatives are gearing up, preparing their strategies. Reportedly, this may include asking the nominee about his or her position on the gay marriage issue.
  • President Obama announced yesterday that he will be visiting Ghana after the upcoming G-8 conference, marking the first African-American president's first (sure to be heavily symbolic) official trip to sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The New York Times has an article today on the development and evolution of the cap-and-trade policy that's moving through committee in Congress right now, on its way to becoming law-- not always as highly regarded by Democrats as it is today.
  • From the NYT Op-Ed sections: Frank Rich believes that "Obama Can't Turn the Page on Bush" as long as there are still questions to be answered about torture and other policies, and Nick Gillespie writes that one way to work on paying for Obama's programs and helping to reduce the federal deficit would be for Americans to start "Paying With Our Sins"-- meaning, legalize certain drugs, prostitution, and gambling, and force Americans to pay taxes on the use of all of these.
  • From the Washington Post Op-Eds: David Gibson wonders, in light of the uproar over Obama's speech at Notre Dame and the ever-mounting priest scandals, "Who Is a Real Catholic?" and George F. Will advocates for a market-based view of "Greed's Saving Graces."

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