Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday's Reading List

News round-up for today...bit more brief than yesterday because I have to study:
  • Politico has an article on the new top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committe, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama). Sessions will play a very important role in the upcoming hearings for whomever President Obama chooses to nominate to the Supreme Court.
  • The annual White House Correspondents Association dinner has been starting to get old (except for Stephen Colbert in 2006-- remember that one?)-- but will Obama revitalize it?
  • The cost of switching: Arlen Specter has gone from being a top Republican to the junior Democrat on four different committees, and second-lowest Democrat on the fifth. The decision, made by the Senate, will be reviewed at the start of the next Congress.
  • Today, Governor Baldacci of Maine signed a bill allowing gay marriage in his state. The New Hampshire state legislature may soon send a bill to Governor Lynch, but it is unclear whether he will sign it into law.
  • A tentative agreement has been reached between The Boston Globe and their largest union to try to keep the paper publishing, despite many financial hardships.
  • Speculation continues on who Obama will nominate for the Supreme Court. The Washington Post has an article on the members of Obama's inner circle who will be heavily involved in running the selection and confirmation process. These include VP Joe Biden (a veteran of the Senate Judiciary Committee), Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and WH Counsel Gregory Craig.

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