Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Katii's Award

My little sister, Katii, phoned me this afternoon to let me know that she had won an essay contest that her current (and my former) history teacher had persuaded her to participate in. She will be receiving a rather generous prize at a luncheon next Wednesday, hosted by the people who sponsored the essay contest.
And who are these sponsors? None other than the Seacoast Republican Women.
Naturally I'm thrilled for my sister. She's a superb writer and this is a notable nod to her abilities. However...I have to admit I am rather amused by the fact that this award is coming from the SRW. My family is a fairly moderate bunch, but we don't typically affiliate with the Republican party.
Katii honored me by asking me to join her at the award luncheon. I think I'm going to have to be careful to keep my mouth shut most of the time!

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Katii said...

Hahahaha...we're both going to have to be careful! Us liberal ladies who lunch. For some reason I'm picturing the SRW ladies as the DAR ladies from Gilmore Girls- AHHH!!! But it will be cool, and I'm honored. Thank you for the blog nod! :)