Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Heart Huckabee...

...Well, not really. I do find him an interesting man, and he strikes me as very well-meaning, sincere, and able to easily connect with people through honesty and humor. I respect his career as a Baptist pastor, and the fact that his faith defines his actions. I think it's awesome that he's a musician, and that he has worked so hard for good health. I even think he was a decent governor of Arkansas, all things told.
However, good though all these things are, I have trouble supporting a politician who tries to connect swine flu and abortion policy. I mean, okay, I get that he has a problem with abortion. Totally understandable. However, when you post an article on FOXNews.com entitled "Why I'm Not Afraid of the Swine Flu" and then imply that the Obama administration is inconsistent in whether it wants to protect kids, I'm going to have to call it a bit of a stretch.

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foreverabbas said...

I am definitely a Huckabee fan! It was fun to read your views about him - even if you weren't fond of the swine flu connection. I like that he is honest, passionate, articulate, and truly compassionate. When I took an NPR poll at the very beginning of the primaries, asking my positions on various issues, he was the one for whom I was most likely to vote. :)