Monday, September 13, 2004

The Cost of Discipleship- Intro

The cost of discipleship. Seems to be a popular topic at retreats these days. At camp this summer, this was the topic the speaker for the week spoke about. He did a great job too. He handed out a little packet, which we were supposed to fill in throughout the week and take notes on. He entitled it, "Who You Gonna Follow?" All in all, it was an excellently put together presentation.

For the next few "Thought du Jour"s, I'm going to put together all my notes from that week. Here's a brief outline of the topics:

1. Laying the Foundation
2. Jesus: The Ultimate Personal Trainer
3. The Power of Love
4. Go to the Gym
5. Just Say No!
6. Follow the Leader
7. Who Owns Your Stuff?
8. The Power of Love! (II)

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