Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ran-dumb Thought du Jour

Chrisism #19:

All right, brain, it's all up to you....Be quiet, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip.


Sachu said...

Hey !
Your class is so different ! I actually wanted to live in USA , in Kansas City , Kansas . In my city their a bunch of stupid people . I'm being honest .
But I allready started school and I'm pretty happy , for now , at least .
Thanks for posting , as always .
P.S: My sister's got a blog . I think she's .

Sachu said...

Hi !
I'd simply love to hear about your classmates , and it made me very happy when I knew you read my hole post (or maybe part of it) .
You see , my last name is different because my father is from USA . My classmates are all of them from here , La Coruña . Well , I've got a half french friend . Her name is Laura Díaz Rousell (# 11 on my list ) .
My beloved classmates make fun of my last name , but I'm not ashamed . Different cultures are a mystery to them . They're just showing how dumb they can sometimes be .
Thanks for reading my blog . I'm used to be horribly missunderstood : ) !!!
I really never thought I'd have more friends than the ones I have in school , because I'm not really popular , for not being in the cool girl's group .
So , thank you , I'm serious .
"Sachu" more than ever .
P.S: In 2 years I'll be 15 , but I hope my classmates change much before !

Sachu said...

Heya !
Thanks for posting back , as always .
You're right about not knowing ever when you're going to get a good friend !
I confess : When I started my blog I was terrified with the idea of some people posting me saying my life was boring , dumb , or anything . I even considered the idea of not giving the option of posting on my writing .
But I'm not so afraid now . Acctually , thanks to you , now I look over some other people's blogs and tell them how nice they are .
It makes me happier to know that , even if my normal life is a dissaster , if my friends start acting like children , if I get in a fight with my mother , if ... I'll have someone to count on , and the fact that that person is on the other side of the world makes it even nicer .
Can I say something else but ''thank you , thank you , thank you ...''?
Yes , of course : THANK YOU .
Wow . I've never said something so sincere , not that I remember .
Well ,I'll keep posting as often I get on a computer .
Sachu !
P.S: Do you have an e-mail ? Mine is ' , but I don't visit it too often .