Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thought du Jour: Music

A quote for the day:
Music is the universal eternal language of love.

It's true- music is the one thing that most everybody understands. People say that classical music is stupid and not worth listening to, but it's not true. People understand the feelings that music conveys, words or no words. Peace, excitement, whatever the emotion, people still understand it if it's conveyed through music. Classical music is classic because people have loved to listen to it for countless generations. If people suddenly stopped wanting to listen to it, the world would lose so much.

I love the music of Georges Bizet's opera Carmen. I have an instrumental version of it, and it is so awesome to listen to it and try to picture something that could be going on.

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Sachu said...

Classical music !
I love any kind of classical music , specially harp and flute . I play the flute , I think you know already .
Playing the flute makes me feel free , like I could say everything wwithout words , like I could sing with no human voice ... I personally like Bach and Mozart for flute.
Well , what you said about dolphins , I think it's normal at any age , realy .
In Coruña dolphins go by every June , but this year they didn't , so seeing them in September is really weird .
I really like that name , Tara . Here it's short for Tarabella , but it's not normal at all.
From that short discription of your classmates , I'm sure your class is much more interesting .
Here we don't even have lockers !
One thing I really like about Spain is the almost forgoten culture . You know , medieval and arabic culture . Once a year we have a medieval festival , where we have special stuff to by , like earings , precious gems ...
I'll tell you more about festivals , because here they're really important , If you want to .
All best wishes ,